Billeder skal udskrives

Pictures should be printed, not collecting digital dust

Billeder skal udskrives

Remember that images be printed

Your photos are best to be featured on the wall, so they not only just collecting 'dust’ on your hard drive. If you have a good printer, You should therefore occasionally print them, just a single one of your models, of a landscape, or a member of the family – It means so much that you get them off the screen.

Do not have a printer yourself, you can also order them at one of the many online providers, I have previously ordered images Pixum and books from Blurb. And both times been extremely satisfied. Sometimes you can, for example,. Downtown or similar Websites, get a good deal on canvas prints.

Images from a meetup

Back in June, I was at Michael Bang’s meetup – Photomeetup Copenhagen, I took some pictures of Jean Elle. And that's just one of the pictures that deserve to come out on paper, You can see my prints including, the small is just a test print – There is no need to waste an A3 sheet just to find out that there is no color ink cartridge. It is printed on my Epson Stylus 1290, a relatively old printer with 1 sort og 1 farve patron (with 5 colors).

Billeder af udskrifter

Lille print st 10×15 and large print is A3

There is no måsken noting that there is little difference in the colors of the two prints, it's because my little 10×15 just something cheap paper from the Net to 70 kr for 100 ark (5,50 kr pr. print including ink), and A3 paper is Epson paper that fits my Epson printer (as 50 kr. per print including ink).

Now I just frame – It must buy tomorrow.

And so I incidentally also a color calibration device can also calibrate my printer, I have looked in the direction of Color Munki for it can calibrate both screen and printer. Anyone have experience with the, or know of alternative products?

The picture of Jeannelle it ses i mit Portraet portfolio.