Eneloop BatteriesWhen I shoot with my strobes, I usually try to be creative in my way of using the light. I do this by using radio controlled triggers, and strobes mounted on stands to move the strobes away from the camera. This is also known as Strobism.

Some use rechargeable Ni-MH and I used to use good old Alkaline batteries. This was because rechargeable Ni-MH batteries normally loose the charge over time. My experience with Ni-MH was that I charged my batteries a couple of days before the actual shoot, and on the day of shooting I would have lost half the power.

But not anymore!

I switched to Eneloop. This battery combines the best of two worlds, Alkaline for the stability of the charge and the ability to recharge for the environment. And  Eneloop batteries can be recharged with your existing Ni-MH charger, so if you already have a charger you won’t have to replace it.

A single Eneloop battery can be recharged up to 1000 times, so please consider Eneloop next time.

Purchase your batteries here:

4 x AA (R06) @ 12.58€

Or go for the big Power Pack that includes 4xAA, 2xAAA, charger and adapters for C and D size batteries:

Eneloop Power Pack @ 41.43€

Or go all in and buy the Super Size Power Pack, that include 8xAA, 4xAA, charger, 3xbattery boxes, and adapters:

Eneloop Power Pack – Super Size @ 47.01€

With the Super Size Power Pack, I have power for two strobes and two of my remote triggers.

Please note:

When using rechargeable batteries with your strobes, they recycle faster! Don’t shoot too fast.