Light & Lighting by Michael Freeman

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I got this book – Light & Lighting by Michael Freeman, along with Closer by Søren Solkær Starbird and Little People in the City by Slinkachu (Reviewed at a later point). And it is a technical and creative view of lighting and how to use it.

Its basically covering the full spectrum of light, and how the camera measures it, explained along with advice on achieving color accuracy.

This book answers some of these questions:

– How does light work, both inside and outside the digital camera?
– What do you need to know about sensitivity, color temperature and exposure?

This book enables you to understand the capabilities of your digital camera and the theory of light, and it helps you to put theory into practice and to shoot like a professional. Through informative, succinct text and breathtaking images, you’ll learn how best to work with light, whether it’s the sun streaming through a window, the glow of a neon sign, or the warm and fragile light of a burning candle.

Michael Freeman, the author of more than 20 books on various aspects of photography, now helps digital photographers see (and understand) the light Because good lighting is key to a picture’s success, it’s a topic of interest to anyone who picks up a digital camera…and Freeman’s comprehensive manual gives readers an essential toolbox of techniques and creative ideas. Find out how to create and manipulate lighting scenarios for professional-looking photos. Examine the many varieties of natural light, from blazing sunlight to gentle twilight, as well as incandescent and fluorescent lights. Make the most of your camera’s flash and lighting equipment, including diffusers, shades, and reflectors.

From shooting techniques to imaging tricks, this provides photographers with a solid groundwork for producing top-quality pictures.

The book is excellent written with lots of example images and descriptions of the different lighting setups, its a good starter book when learning about light and how to use light to your advantage.